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35kV & Below Power System
FATO provide safe, reliable and intelligent power products and technologies for power systems of 35kV and below.
Provide solutions and related services including power transformers, distribution network automation switches, vacuum circuit breakers, load switches, boundary circuit breakers, primary and secondary fusion circuit breakers, measurement and sensing equipment, modular substations.
0.4kV Power System
After the electric power is transmitted through high-voltage circuits, it must be stepped down through various substations, and then distributed through various levels of power distribution systems, and finally enter the end users.
Because low-voltage electrical appliances are widely used in low-voltage power distribution systems and play the role of circuit on-off, protection and control, their performance and quality directly affect the safety of power end users and the reliability of the power supply system at the power end.
Industrial And Civil Building Power
The application range of low-voltage electrical appliances is extremely wide. From industrial manufacturing to civil housing, as well as real estate and construction, low-voltage electrical appliances are in high usage. The main application service targets include real estate enterprises, industrial construction projects.
Power System of New Energy
The rapid development of new energy provides an opportunity for the development of the intelligent low-voltage electrical appliance industry.
Low-voltage electrical products expand to the fields of photovoltaic power inverters, new energy control and protection systems, distributed energy, energy storage equipment, DC switch electrical equipment and other fields, and can provide overall solutions.
Rail Transit Low-voltage Power System
In the field of transportation and electricity, FATO continues to introduce high-quality products and solutions with more advanced performance, more complete series, and in line with the needs of the transportation power distribution industry, covering stations, sections, depots, signal systems, substations and locomotives, etc. Various applications such as site environmental control cabinet power distribution system, EPS emergency system, power three-box system, UPS power system, station AC and DC system, low-voltage power distribution system, etc., help to build a green transportation system.
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