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three-phase watt-hour meter with LCD and Rs485 interface

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DTS1531J/DSS1531Jthree-phase watt-hour meter with LCD and Rs485 interface
Application & Technical Parameters Certificates

DTS1531J/DSS1531J type three-phase electronic active watt-hour meter (also called watt-hour meter with LCD and RS485 interface) is designed and developed for electric power department or user to monitor the power grid quality, with high accuracy and reliability. The watt-hour meter adopts the advanced international large-scale integrated circuit of ultra-low power consumption and SMT process. It accurately measures the active energy of three-phase power grid with the reference ratio of 50Hz. It is designed according to the national standard of GB/T172152002 Alternating Current Static Watt-hour Meters for Active Energy (Classes 1 and 2)and its communication protocol has conformed to DL/T 6451997 Multi-function Watt-hour Meter Communication Protocol.


1. Normal working voltage:0.8-1.1 of reference voltage Utmost working voltage:0.7-1.2 of reference voltage

2. Insulation voltage:≥2000VAC

3. Voltage circuit power consumption :≤2W and 10VA

4. Normal working temperature(outdoor):-25°C-55°C

Utmost working temperature(outdoor):>45°C-70°C 

Storage and transport temperature(outdoor):-40°C>70°C

Relative humidity :25%~75% RH


35Kv & Below

0.4kV Power

Buliding Electricity

New Energy

Rail Transit
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