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Li Chengwen Once Again Was Named Wenzhou City Exploit Entrepreneur
2011-01-29 14:35:21  84 Clicks


On the morning of January 28th, held in the city economic and trade work meeting, Li Chengwen and so on 27 2010 year Wenzhou is commended exploit entrepreneur. The leadership of Wenzhou City Tak, Meng Jianxin, Zhao Zhuo high column, high education office for their awards.

In 2010, Wenzhou City, the majority of enterprises to thoroughly implement the scientific outlook on development, actively implement the industrial economic transformation and upgrading, and strive to achieve energy-saving emission reduction targets, the successful completion of the " eleven five" development goals at the same time, also emerged a number of pioneering and innovative, integrity management, performance significantly outstanding entrepreneurs. In recent years, Wenzhou city every year, in recognition of a number of outstanding entrepreneur, outstanding entrepreneurs exploit entrepreneur is in produce.

In 2010, won the title of outstanding entrepreneurs in Wenzhou city with 103 people. City hall to exploit entrepreneur and outstanding entrepreneur of enterprise leadership on the collective merit.  (Qiu Jie)

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